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We’ve been working diligently to update our clients’ websites and digital marketing efforts amidst these uncertain times. In fact, the only thing that is certain is that how we conduct business has changed irrevocably. Those who do not adapt will get left behind. What is your strategy to stay at the forefront of your industry?

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Enterprise: UX/UI, App Development
& Enterprise Integration
Client Examples:
NASA, Blood Services, Global Affairs

SMBs: Wordpress, Web Development
& E-Commerce
Client Examples: Paramount Properties, Wine Station, INSA, Ottawa Comfort

Digital Marketing: Social Media, Strategic Communication & Digital Transformation
Client Examples: Premium Meats, Driven, InstaSnacks, Bar Lucy, The Third

Crafting digital experiences for some of the best.

Atomic Motion is an Ottawa web design and development company specializing in design, digital marketing and app/software development. Our award winning Creative Team has designed web interfaces and marketing collateral for some of the most notable brands in North America including, the United Nations, Toyota, Empire Communities, Claridge Homes and Quest Software, to name a few.

A boutique agency providing innovate web design solutions to help you grow online.

We firmly believe that intuitive design and professional graphic development are two of the most important ingredients of a successful online solution. We employ some of the best designers on the planet; combined with our proprietary design and development methodology we deliver best-in-class online solutions that position our clients as the leader in their field.

We're so different, and you should be too.

Our secret is your success.

An effective web experience is more than just pretty pictures and there is a lot that goes into a great product before it leaves our hands. Your website should tell a story. Let Atomic Motion help you present a compelling story that everyone wants to hear with a site that positions you as the clear leader in your industry.

Digital Strategy

We advise on strategic opportunities and comprehensive design research to stay competitive in your industry.

Architecture & Planning

We focus on clear and concise information architecture planning for an intuitive user experience.

Web Design & Prototyping

Our award-winning design team provides industry-leading design practices to elevate your brand.

Web Development

We securely host your website throughout development and offer post-launch hosting services as well!

Our architecture is always pixel perfect.

Because you should never have to guess what your final product is going to look like. We make it easy for you to see what we envision.

An idea without execution is a daydream. Execution without a plan is a nightmare. We’ve got ideas and a plan so let’s put them in motion.

Learn about the Atomic Standard and the way we operate.

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