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Hosting + Maintenance

Our hosting and site maintenance solutions are custom built to your exact needs and requirements.
From small business websites to multinational corporate clients, Atomic Motion offers un-beatable customer service and leading edge technical infrastructure. We provide optimal performance and a minimum of 99% up-time availability on triple back-up, hot swappable enterprise level servers.

When you choose Atomic Motion to manage your website, you will be assigned a dedicated project manager that will ensure your requests and changes are handled in a timely manner - usually within minutes, rather than days. With extensive experience managing a wide array of unique client requirements, Atomic Motion can manage your site changes and requirements in the most efficient manner.

Each Ottawa web hosting package comes with an advanced statistics program that can tell you how many people are visiting your site, where they came from, what sections they viewed, what country they live in, how long they stay for, and much, much more!